Escultura Body Gua Sha

Made with Black Bian Stone, this daily massage tool helps contour, smooth & detox the body.

Depuffs + Contours

Helps to Reduce Inflammation

Stimulates Blood Flow


Immerse yourself in the ultimate self-care experience with our exclusive Escultura Body Gua Sha tool, meticulously crafted from authentic black Bian stone & known for its healing properties. The uniquely shaped edges effortlessly glide over the body, promoting lymphatic drainage, stimulating circulation, and aiding in the release of tension and muscle tightness. Each Gua Sha will arrive differently due to the stone.

How to use

Apply lotion or oil on skin. Using gentle pressure, start scraping the gua sha tool across the desired area in upward or outward strokes, always towards your heart. Use long, fluid motions rather than short, abrupt ones. Maintain a consistent pressure that feels comfortable yet effective. You can use different edges or angles of the tool depending on the area you're working on. Wash the Gua Sha with warm water before and after every use.

(From our familia)