Victoria, Valentina and I were born and raised in Los Angeles; a notorious melting pot of race, genders and cultures. Yet, we were three Latinx women growing up in a white-dominated area. We felt excluded, but we also felt shame and embarrassment embracing our culture, language and identity. We heard a constant influx of, “you guys are sisters? You look nothing alike.” It was true—we didn’t. With different skin tones, body shapes and overall appearance, we’re far from being similar. But what we had in common was the constant reminder that we were different. 

That heavily contributed to our negative narrative about how we viewed ourselves. We struggled with body image & acceptance as our shapes changed and weight fluctuated. Anxiety and depression followed, both affecting our bodies inside and out. As a result, my sisters and I battled with various skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and eczema. 

Thanks to the media and societal norms, we’re all trained to hide and feel shame about what we’re dealing with. Regardless of identity, race, culture or gender—we’re human. We’re all dealing with real life sh*t. 

After years of working in the skincare industry, my sisters and I saw a space that holds a stigma of having to look and be a certain way. It lacked inclusivity, transparency and family. As sisters, we rely on each other to build each other up, empower each other to be confident in our own skin, and embrace what makes us, us. Any brand can tell you to “be confident” and “be your authentic self,” but we all know it’s easier said than done. VAVICA is that space that allows us to be real to each other and ride together on a genuine journey of self-love and body positivity. 

Creating a relatable brand is important to us—putting every race, gender, and culture in the spotlight and proudly showing off every scar, roll, and stretch mark. Our promise to you is that this body care brand will be inclusive in every aspect.

In this family, there’s no BS. We’re real as it gets, and we welcome you to be part of our VAVICA family. This is a safe place for you to celebrate your differences and be your authentic self—without any limitations or shame. 

With love,