As the winter months set in, the combination of cold temperatures, harsh winds, indoor heating, and hot showers can wreak havoc on our skin, leaving it dry, flaky, and dull. Your skin tends to flake, your lips are chapped and your legs are scaly. This seasonal change calls for a specialized body care routine for dry skin that focuses on combating dull skin and restoring moisture. Below are effective body care tips for dry skin in winter and recommendations for hydrating body care products for winter that are designed to revitalize and nourish the skin.

Understanding Dry Skin in Winter

During winter, low humidity levels and exposure to extreme weather conditions can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to moisture loss and dryness. Hot showers, though comforting, can further exacerbate this issue by depleting the skin's protective barrier. Heaters also affects your skin’s barrier. 

Body Care Tips for Dry Skin

Gently Exfoliate Skin

Use a mild body exfoliant once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Our recommendation is to use a a dry brush. Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate the dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow, prior to showering so when you cleanse with a hydrating body wash, those powerhouse hydrating ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, are more likely to hydrate skin and lock in moisture. 

Limit Shower Time and Temperature 

This is hard because a hot shower feels nice when it’s cold and snowing. Opt for shorter, lukewarm showers instead of hot ones. Hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils, worsening dryness. 

Use a Gentle Cleanser

Opt for gentle, moisturizing cleansers that don’t strip away natural oils. Stay away from abrasive, harsh body washes. Look for body washes that meant to hydrate the skin with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, sodium PCA or squalene. Único Hand + Body Wash is enriched with hyaluronic acid and glycerin and effectively cleanses without drying out the skin.
Read the product label of the body wash and if include “Fragrance or Parfum”, refrain from using it daily. It can desensitize skin over time as well as irritate any dry patches on the skin. Vavica's Único Hand + Body Wash is naturally scented with calming botanicals, such as lavender that can be soothing to the skin. It's one our (favorites) and best body wash for dry skin. 


Moisturize Immediately

Look for moisturizing body care products for cold weather that include ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid . After showering or taking a bath, apply a nourishing body cream or lotion that will helps strengthen the skin barrier and seal in moisture. Because the stream helps with opening up the pores, body care products that are applied immediately after a shower or bath helps the skin absorb them better. Único Hand + Body Lotion is one the best body lotions for winter and is perfect if you’re looking for nourishing lotions for dry winter skin. You can then apply a body oil for long-lasting hydration. Vavica's Body Oil Spray provides an extra layer of hydration and helps replenish lost oils, especially in dry areas like elbows and knees. This body oil contains nourishing oils that help with protecting skin from winter dryness. 

With the right body care routine, you can effectively combat dry, dull skin during the winter months. By incorporating these tips and utilizing hydrating, clean body care products, you can maintain healthy, moisturized skin despite the challenges posed by the cold weather. Prioritize hydration, gentle care, and protection to keep your skin glowing and resilient all season long.